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Suzuki RMV250 Concept

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As we all know, Suzuki has a great history of producing fantastic two-stroke motorcycles and one model that sits firmly in many motorcyclist’s memory banks is Suzuki’s RGV250. As the successor of the RG250, the RGV was a 250cc V-Twin that offered great, exciting power in a light-weight chassis. Inspired by the RGV250 & RGV500 Factory GP Bikes, they were a popular model throughout the 90s for both racers and Average Joe’s commuting to work. Sadly, 1998 saw the end of production of the RGV250 and Suzuki has not produced a V-Twin two-stroke since.

1991 Suzuki RGV250

Suzuki’s iconic RGV250

Over the past years, there have been various posts on forums with privateers building 2 cylinder two-stroke Supermotos, utilizing engines, such as RZ350 motors. Now we all know that we would certainly have a great deal of fun with a bike like that, however this got me thinking of what could be made with a budget that major manufacturers possess. After much consideration, my thoughts culminated on the concept below (Click the image to expand).

The Suzuki RMV250 V-Twin Concept

A V-Twin Supermoto Concept by 2 Smokin’ & Claro Design.

Inspired by Suzuki’s legendary RGV250, the RMV250 Supermoto would sport an injected V-Twin, housed inside a modified RMX450Z chassis. Designed to provide exhilarating power in a light weight, emissions-friendly race package, the injection would include advanced mapping capabilities, allowing for race tuning to maximize performance, as well as economical tuning for commuting. The unique layout of the model situates the airbox snugly under the seat, allowing more room for one of the expansion chamber to wrap around the Ohlins Shock and also to keep the bike as slim as possible. Additionally, it features the 310mm DRZ400SM front rotor, as well as a Boyeson Supercooler Cover and Impeller Kit for improved cooling capabilities and a more enhanced look.
Suzuki could also offer a big bore kit, increasing the V-Twin to 350cc for those who want a little extra punch!

My original thoughts were the idea of a 500cc V-Twin, quite like the Honda’s NSR500V GP Bike. The idea of a 130hp+ Supermoto in something that weighs around 115kg sounds like a dream come true on paper, but you would probably find yourself cheating death every time you open the throttle out of a corner. So the 250cc sounded like a more feasible and controllable option.

It would certainly be an interesting test to compare the RMV250 with other Supermotos, such as the Aprilia SXV450 V-Twin or 450cc singles to know just how competitive a V-Twin two-stroke Supermoto could be!

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