• Gilera Serifina 850
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    Gilera Serafina 850 Concept

    When we envision what a modern 2-stroke street bike could be, it is very easy to picture something along the lines of the Suter 500 with sharp styling, an amazing looking chassis and very trick components. But when I thought more about all the different styles of two-strokes over the past 50 years, I started…

  • YZ490 Twin Feature Image
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    Yamaha YZ490 Twin Concept Mock Up

    What comes to mind when you think of your dream bike? For me, it would have to be a 2-stroke, hence why I started this blog. It would also have to embrace all the aspects that make us love 2-strokes, such as lightweight handing, exhilarating power and of course, the amazing exhaust note. Although I…

  • The Yamaha T-125 Concept
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    Yamaha T125 Concept Mock Up

    For decades, two-strokes were a popular option for commuting, leisure and racing, however in recent years the production of road two-strokes other than road-legal enduro models and some very small capacity models has almost come to a close. The two-stroke road situation isn’t getting any easier either, as heightened euro emissions have brought on the…

  • Husqvarna TS500V Featured Image
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    Husqvarna TS500V V-Twin Concept Mock Up

    In modern day Supermoto Racing, could any form of 2-stroke be considered competitive? Although Supermoto is now dominated by powerful 4-strokes, in the early days, races such as the ‘Guidon D’or’ had grids filled with CR500s and KX500s. In recent years, you do see the occasional 2-stroke out on the tracks, with some even winning…

  • RGV500 Featured Image
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    RGV500 Dream Street Bike Mock Up

    Does anyone feel that considering how many years the public had the pleasure of viewing 500GP, that the factories never delivered on a full-blooded 500GP replica of the 90s? With this statement, I am my no means talking down or discounting great bikes, such as the Suzuki RG500, Yamaha RZ500 and all the great 250…

  • Yamaha TDR350 Concept
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    Yamaha TDR350 Concept Mock Up

    2 2233

    Does anyone feel that 2 strokes could have had a bigger impact on the dual-sport/adventure platform? Normally when I think of these areas of the motorcycle market, models such as Suzuki’s V-Strom 650 and KTM’s Adventure Range come to mind. But who says that a humble 2-stroke couldn’t do the same job as some of…

  • The Yamaha TZ7.5 Concept
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    Yamaha TZ7.5 Concept

    As many of you may know, most of my recent designs have circled around the idea of modern 2-strokes with direct injection. However, for this design, I wanted to sketch up something that was a dream for myself. When I stopped and thought, what is my favourite, most bad-ass 2-stroke dream bike? The bike that…

  • The Honda NSR800V Concept
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    Honda NSR800-V Concept

    Does anyone miss the days of 500GP or wonder what the bikes would be like if the 2-strokes were still being developed? As most of you may remember in 2002, the introduction of incredibly fast 1000cc 4-strokes into the premiere class made it near impossible for the 2-strokes to remain competitive. Since then, we have…

  • Kawasaki KR300 Concept
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    Kawasaki KR300 Injected Concept

    Do you think that with Kawasaki’s rich history in 2-stroke GP racing, they could use a modern, GP-inspired street bike in their line up? Legendary 2-stroke twins, such as the RD350LC & the RGV250 hold a very special place in many people’s heart and with a long absence in the market, many of our fans…

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